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Right Brain and Right Brain Development – What it’s All About

My Little Genius – the founding program in Multi-Dimensional whole brain stimulation. Children learn through different senses. Ideally they should also learn through different parts of the brain, because a young mind is a terrible thing to waste. Here, we would like to explain what the right brain does, and why it can create a super mind.

Right Brain, Mega Mind!

The brain is divided into two hemispheres – left and right. Some thinking functions tend to be used more by one hemisphere than the other.

The right brain is a creative thing. Here we can find language functions such as intonation and accentuation. We also discover that the right hemisphere produces visual and audio processing abilities, as well as spatial manipulation and artistic ability.

Put it all together, and scientists think that the right brain is better at dealing with new situations and being creative, than the left brain. This is because it uses approximate calculations and situation comparisons better.

This is big news for life in the school system and beyond! Furthermore, the right brain works together with the left for math and emotional processing. Having a strong reliable partner is always good.

Results of a Stimulated Right Brain

In many cases, we find that a child can use his right brain in a very effective way. That is if it is properly taught in a fun and non-stressful environment by professionals.

A healthy right brain with right brain development can learn to read a situation well, through all five senses.
The child may also develop photographic memory when he or she learns to use vivid images and word associations in our memory systems. He or she can also convert words, numbers and symbols – the foundation of IQ – to images, and think faster and better!

With a strong right brain, a child learns languages easier, as well as the subtleties of language. We also teach signing to very young children, which we know can lead to better mental and speech development.

3 Simple Signs of a Stimulated Brain:

Early development

Can your child read and speak at a young age? Can he or she use fundamental skills like language and numbers, in a fast and fluid way?

‘Amazing’ abilities

Can your child remember more than 200 things in sequence? Does he or she have superior tested IQ?

Happy and confident about real world learning

Does your child like to learn? Do they ask questions and have the opportunities to experiment in a safe environment? Are they sensitive to accentuations and differences?

A program of fun and natural child development like ours works best for right brain development. See it to believe it.

The Centre For Everything Brain Stimulation

My Little Genius is the founding school of bi-lingual, multi-dimensional brain stimulation. If there is one full and complete brain stimulation programme to send your child, My Little Genius is it. Attend a preview at one of our centres today to observe how your child can blossom at our groundbreaking programme. Your child deserves our full attention.


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