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The Foundations of My Little Genius and its ‘Gifted’ Children

Is it possible to have a gifted programme outside the conventional school system? Does brain stimulation reinforce all the ingredients that are essential to producing a happy and talented child? Can most children perform on a gifted level?

Yes! Through whole brain stimulation, we believe that every child can maximize his or her potential. The child can perform at the level we call gifted provided we start to develop now the pathways in the brain that makes future learning possible. (You have to personally see all the techniques we use to believe it!)

Here are the supporting evidences:

According to psychologist Ellen Winner (Gifted Children: Myths and Realities), gifted children have an urge to master core skills. This is only possible if the child first experiences a broad range of learning experiences to know which he or she enjoys. The child should then have the discipline, joy and learning experience to keep trying.

According to gifted teacher Sue Hovis (Differentiated Curriculum for Classrooms with Gifted Children), children with potential to be exceptional always show a tolerance for ambiguity, are independent, communicate well, are confident, enjoy fluid and new situations and are good at basic skills. We think that they use their right brains a lot, and we have the way to stimulate it.

According to Stephanie Tolan (Helping Your Highly Gifted Child), says parents sometimes deny that their child can be gifted, and fail to bring it forth. She says that this can cause the child to be troubled by his gifts and even experience bullying and humiliation at school. Know your child by bringing him or her to a brain stimulation program that tests the child and brings out the best.

Customised and Gifted Programmes / Programmes of My Little Genius

Genius Playground (for 1 year olds) – A child’s brain now is like a sponge. So feed it with brain stimulation of all five senses, while improving visualization, memory and gross/fine motor skills.

Genius Immersion (for 2 year olds) – A child by now can show output but still craves input. Furthermore, while his left brain is developing, his right brain is calling out for attention. We introduce activities and learning that increase creativity, imagination and also problem solving skills.

Genius Explorer (for 3 year olds) – By this age, the child can be differentiated from other children in personality and intellect. The child is also very curious. We introduce science concepts and more advanced learning methods, while keeping things fun.

Genius Leadership (for 4 and 5 year olds) – The child starts thinking like many adults – using the left brain and understanding choice. But exceptional adults use both parts of the brain. We inject memory, IQ, problem solving and motor skill games, to keep the brain balanced and confident. Social skills also develop with play with other children. No supervision is needed.

The Centre For Everything Brain Stimulation

My Little Genius is the founding school of bi-lingual, multi-dimensional brain stimulation. If there is one full and complete gifted programme grounding school to send your child, My Little Genius is it. Attend a preview at one of our centres today to observe how your child can blossom at our groundbreaking programme. Your child deserves our full attention.


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Classes are available from Thursdays to Sundays.