My Little Genius


Whole-Brain Stimulation for Children, It’s so Fun!

An Introduction to My Little Genius

Don’t underestimate the right brain, especially a trained one. It has unique capabilities even in a child. Just by seeing things at a glance, the right side of the brain is able to retain the complete image. It is also a bubbling source of inspiration and creativity.

When we visualize an image, we are using the right brain. When we recreate it through drawing or imagination, we are also using it. Scientists think that many successful people are able to be creative and to visualize what they want. So it is important to stimulate in our children these qualities through right brain training.

At the same time, let’s stimulate the left brain too! The left brain is the control centre of IQ and Math – logical and rational. We cross-train little minds during early childhood and help them achieve more during their learning time than other programs.

How My Little Genius Does It

My Little Genius is the founding school of bi-lingual, multi-dimensional brain stimulation. (If there is one brain stimulation school that covers everything in Singapore, we are it.) Let’s break it down to see what we really mean:


The Institute for Achievement of Human Potential says that young children in early childhood are potential linguistic geniuses, because they are eager to learn language through context. Two or more languages can be used to stimulate the little right brains attending our courses, and to help them break through to linguistic mastery.


No one method of learning is enough to keep an active, curious child and his or her brain engaged. Hence we use a rainbow of proven ideas. One is Brain Kinesiology, or getting the child to be actively engaged in specially designed movements. These well researched movements not just stimulate new neural pathways, they also improve the child’s focus, memory, physical coordination, reading and writing skills. Another is science experimentation, which allows children to get their hands on the tools of learning and trigger off their inquisitive minds. There are so many more. In fact, you have to see it to appreciate it.

Brain Stimulation!

So what stimulates a child’s brain fully and completely during early childhood? How about a powerful and fun memory technique that allows the child to enjoy remembering more than 200 items just like that? Or the use of flashcards at high speed to keep young children focused, and develops their high speed visual absorption ability. We use all five senses to help the child to learn about the world.

The Centre for Everything about Brain Stimulation

Brain stimulation helps your child develop faster and increase IQ, memory, creativity, motor skills and language. If there is one full and complete brain stimulation programme to send your child to, My Little Genius is it. Attend a preview at one of our centres today to observe how your child can blossom at our groundbreaking programme. Your child deserves our full attention.


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Classes are available from Thursdays to Sundays.