My Little Genius


Genius PlayGroundTM (1-year olds)

Brain stimulation commences from birth. A child’s brain is like a sponge; it absorbs everything that is shown to him/her. Input at this stage is critical as it ensures child cognitive development. Because the child is not able to express himself/herself well, many parents think that their child is not focusing and concentrating during lessons. In fact, the child is receiving both visual and auditory input, among other forms of input.

Genius PlaygroundTM exposes the child to many forms of brain stimulation, especially focusing on stimulation through the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Memory, visualisation and gross/fine motor skills games are played during lessons to enhance the ability of the right brain. Children and parents are also introduced to sign language to learn important keywords to reduce the stress during communication between parents and one-year-olds.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius ImmersionTM (2-year olds)

A child starts to show output as he/she reaches 24 months old, while receiving input all the time. The child is able to communicate in a simple manner. As the left brain develops, continual right-brain stimulation is important. Intelligence originates from the right-brain; more importantly, the child will have a more balanced personality with sufficient stimulation of the right brain.

Genius ImmersionTM reinforces the skill sets learnt in Genius PlaygroundTM to the child at a higher degree of difficulty. This is one of the fundamental keys of Brain Training for Children. The child is exposed to games and activities which enhance creativity, imagination, memory and problem-solving skills, while developing his/her fine motor skills.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius ExplorerTM (3-year olds)

A child will display the skill sets that he/she has quiet evidently at this stage. It is during this period that the child can be seen to be different (both intellectually and personality-wise) as compared with other children who have not been exposed to any form of brain-development training.

Genius ExplorerTM further hones the superior skill sets established in Genius ImmersionTM. To satisfy the inquisitive nature of the child, simple Science concepts will also be introduced to him/her through experiments. Such exposure to Science will set the necessary foundation for the mental development of Children as they enter primary school.

One parent or caregiver is required to accompany the child during lessons.

Genius LeadershipTM (4-year olds & 5-year olds)

A child will display refined skill sets that he/she has learnt. However, it is also during this stage that the left brain starts to show its dominance. The child understands the concept of choice, which is a logical-thinking and hence left-brained thought process. This is inevitable. It is imperative that the child continues to be stimulated in the right-brain. Children love to learn. A child who has been exposed to right-brain training early will continue to love to learn regardless of his/her age.

Genius LeadershipTM exposes the child to more advanced and in-depth activities. More advanced memory, problem-solving and motor skills games are introduced to the child while more emphasis is placed on IQ to further increase the child’s intelligence at My Little Genius. Such skills will serve the child well as he/she prepares for kindergarten and primary school.

One parent or caregiver is strongly encouraged to accompany the child during lessons.


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