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Hear what parents have to say about our whole-brain development programme:

“It is definitely NOT too young to start my child at 10 months old. In fact, I wish she had started much earlier. Being able to learn by seeing, touching and doing definitely will help to stimulate her brain faster. After attending this programme for 2 months, Karen’s memory and motor skills have exceeded children her age."

~ Priscilla Tng, mother of Karen Tng (3 years old – Genius Explorer Programme)

“Reanne displayed her reading ability very well ever since she attended the enrichment classes at My Little Genius. She is able to read from 1 to 10 and more and spoke simple sentences when she is only 17-month plus.

She is a very active, cheerful and friendly girl. After attending My Little Genius classes, she is not as shy and timid as before and likes to interact with others.”

~ Ang Ping Ping, mother of Reanne Teo (21 months old – Genius Immersion Programme)

“Charisse was a slow speaker. She had a vocabulary of less than 10 words at 18 months old. We enrolled her into My Little Genius programme at around 19 months old. In less than 6 months, we saw great progress in her speech. With consistent home practice, she was able to pick things up much faster. Her ability to remember things has also improved. She is now also able to recognise many chinese words.”

We would like to express our gratitude to My Little Genius for their well-designed whole brain stimulation programmes and the teachers whom have shown care and love for Charisse in the past few months.”

~ Cheryl Tan, mother Charisse Chor (23 months old – Genius Immersion Programme)

“Mirabelle is able to speak and read English and Chinese. Her early literacy skills started since 2+ years old when we started her with My Little Genius. Her auditory memory is very good. We realised that she remembers the names of objects and places without much effort even if we only mention once to her. She is able to recite 静思诗 (李白) and 1st portion of 满江红(岳飞) just after reading them a few times.

My Little Genius is a wonderful programme instructed by very dedicated and experienced teachers. We really enjoy the science experiments which the teacher demonstrated and explained during the class. When we repeated some of the experiments at home, even my 9-year old wanted to join in!”

~ Theresa Heng, mother of Mirabelle Lee (3.5 years old - Genius Explorer Programme)

“We love the imagination games, IQ games and songs. Lincoln also enjoys story telling time ever since being enrolled in My Little Genius. He loves to listen to stories and wants it to be read to him over and over again. He is able to use his index finger and thumb to pick things up since 9months. His pincer grasp is very good ever since the teachers kept demonstrating it to him and practising it through the activities. Playing together helps us to understand each other better and builds the bond. We enjoy repeating the activities back at home and love singing the songs learnt during lessons!”

~ Sabrina Ng, mother of Lincoln Jude Zhang (11 months old - Genius Playground Programme)

“Conan is able to recognise hundreds of words and read story books aloud by himself! He attained full marks for most of the times, and his teachers in childcare praised him for his intelligence and concentration skills. He is also able to use sign language to communicate with his younger sister Cody and even me if we are quite a distance away to avoid the shouting.

We enjoy being able to do tasks, role-play learn and have fun together in our weekly classes at My Little Genius. The right brain training enables him to learn in a creative way which strengthens his concentration level, and I believe he can read better than his fellow classmates in childcare with the help of My Little Genius, not forgetting to mention his ability to sign no matter whether it will be useful in the future or not.”

~ Rachel Chan, mother of Conan Lim (4 years old - Genius Leadership Programme)

“The sign language learnt is definitely beneficial as it helps us communicate effectively. Cody can understand and communicate with me through sign language. There are still a lot of things she can’t say, but she can show me that she understands through sign language! She signs to me when she sees a “Cat”, “Dog”, “Giraffe”, “Lion”, “Fish”. “Elephant” etc, she signs “Please” and “Thank you” to me appropriately, she’ll ask for “More” apples, bananas and other food using sign language. I’m really proud of her! Cody also won in a lot of baby contest and her professionalism is really commendable because she never fails to put up a performance on stage even when she is feeling unwell. She stands out from the crowd whenever she’s on stage and I believe her achievements have got to do with the learnings in My Little Genius.

I really would like to thank My Little Genius for the opportunity for me and Cody to bond and grow together. She enjoys the music and dance in the weekly classes. Her constant laughter reassures me that she is in the right place and in the right hand. Sometimes I wish that she’ll never grow up so that I can enjoy the classes with her every week. It’s really interesting and fun to study at My Little Genius! ”

~ Rachel Chan, mother of Cody Lim (18 months old – Genius Playground Programme)

“The programme focuses on a wide spectrum of activities and therefore my child is exposed to language, cognitive and fine motor skills. I am personally impressed with the IQ games presented in my child’s class. It allows my child to exercise his logical and reasoning skills which are essential in his early years. My son has definitely shown a strong interest in learning after enrolling in the programme. He knows all basic phonics within a week.”

~ Margaret Yap, mother of Gaven Ong (4 years old – Genius Leadership Programme)


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